The CV / Resume Game Change Approach to CV and Resume writing is the world's most advanced, results focussed, and game-changing. It is revolutionary and game changing and has been designed specifically to help you to achieve the best results, as quickly and effectively as possible.

- Created by Best Selling Author, Thought Leader, Problem Solver and Change Maker, Jonathan Blain -

The CV Resume Game Change System was created by bestselling author and thought leader Jonathan Blain to help people to:

  1. Turn CV / Resume Failure into success if that is what you have experienced, or
  2. Turn CV / Resume Success into even greater success, or
  3. If you haven’t yet started how you can shortcut to the best approach to CV and Resume writing.

The CV / Resume Game Change System is the most results driven approach to CV and Resume writing, with the objective of helping you to achieve not just any results, but the ultimate, and very best results possible. In essence it is a revolutionary, new, ground-breaking and game changing approach to CV and Resume writing that is at the leading and cutting edge. In essence it is, new, different and better than anything else that exists.

You can chose to do anything at any level, like playing a sport. If you want to play, compete and win at the highest level, you have to take a very different approach, to people playing at lower levels. This is true of the CV / Resume Game Change approach, which is a disruptive innovation, a game changer for those who master it. A disruptive innovation is an innovation is an innovation that improves a product or service in ways that the market does not expect.

The first thing you have to orientate to is the real world and the truth, and also be honest about yourself, the job market, employers, competitors and the way CVs and Resumes work in practice. There are some CV and Resume training programmes that sound great in theory, but don’t work in practice in the real world, the CV / Resume Game Change System is not like that. It is grounded in reality, and works on the premise that ultimately what is right or wrong for you, is not some arbitrary judgement or opinion, it comes down to what actually works and delivers the results you want.

Without realising it, most people take a broadly similar approach to CV and Resume writing; it is an approach that we refer to as “the traditional approach”. Adopting this approach typically means finding a CV / Resume template structure and replacing template content with your own details. The aim is to make yourself look as good as possible so employers will typically want to hire you.

There are two major principles to the CV / Resume Game Change System:

  1. Putting everything on the table that can increase your chances of success, providing it is legal and ethical, which means broadening your agenda, and also going to a deeper level.
  2. A fundamental paradigm shift to an employer centric CV and Resume.

In the tradition approach to CV and Resume writing, the primary assumption is that your CV or Resume is “all about you”, and what you need to do is make yourself “look as good as possible”. In contrast the CV / Resume Game Change System adopts a new paradigm, that your CV or Resume is not just “all about you”, the employer is the recipient, and primarily cares more about themselves than they do about you. They are the decision maker in terms of offering you the job. Your job is to meet their wants, needs, deepest desires, and to serve them with a servant mind-set, packaging and presenting your authentic self, through the prism of their perspective. Employers don’t always want the best person, they want the best person for them, a subtle but very importance difference. Of course sometimes the best person and the best person for them will be the same thing, but not always. How the employer perceives you, matters a great deal, as does their assessment of how much of a match you really are for their stated requirements. In writing your CV and Resume you have lots of choices, there are lots of variables and how you make choices and use the variables can make the differences between winning and losing, winning small or winning big. Of course your CV is about you, but it is also about how you demonstrate in your CV that you meet their stated needs and ultimately why they should hire you and not someone else.

It is obvious really that it is people who make hiring decisions, people who will make judgements based on whatever criteria they want. What is good or bad, right or wrong is down to the opinion of the reader, different people might have different views and opinions, it is really like beauty being something that is in the eye of the beholder, what is beauty to one person, isn’t necessarily to another. This is the real world, it is simply people being people, but that is not to say you can’t influence how the hiring decisions makers will perceive you and value you. There is a saying: “you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”. That might be true, but if you put salt in your horses oats, you can probably increase the chance of them drinking.

Writing the perfect CV or Resume is part art and part science, you can never be 100% certain of the outcome, but you can do many things to increase your chances of success, and you can also not do things that will decrease your chances of success.

There are strategies and tactics and techniques that you can use to increase the odds in your favour, that is the best you can do, the CV / Resume Game Change System is honest enough not to be arrogant or foolish enough to promise results. Often differences between candidates can be very small, and employers struggle to know who to choose, you need to know the value that you offer, to know the differences and distinction that you offer, and do the hard work for the employer, delivering yourself on a plate.

An elite sportsperson who sets out to compete and win at the highest level, like the world championships or the Olympic games, breaks down every factor that increases their chances of success and tries to use everything that can help give them an edge or advantage, that makes the difference between winning and losing. From the outside, it is easy to think that if you play a sport, that the people who are best as playing or doing their particular sport are those with the best skills at their sport, but the reality is that success could come from advantage in many different areas, other than the sport skills themselves. They could be things like fitness, diet and nutrition and how they manage energy in their body, sleep, competitor knowledge, attitude / mind-set, psychology, belief, self-image, technology, physiotherapy, training plans etc.

The same is true in CV writing, it is not simply about the document itself, it could be down to everything around the document, like self-understanding and awareness, belief, self-image,  values, sales and marketing skills, psychology, energy, enthusiasm, confidence, understanding and awareness, the list goes on and on. In formula one motor racing, there are times where the first three cars can finish within three seconds of each other in a race of about 1 hour fifteen minutes, that can equate to less than the blink of an eye per lap, yet that tiny difference makes the difference between winning and losing. In sport there are often prizes for second and third place, but in job hunting, it is basically binary, you either win or you lose. With the CV / Resume Game Change System, you are playing in the rare air, at the highest level, you have to care about the differences, you have to recognise them, know them, use them and articulate them well.

The CV / Resume Game Change System incorporates things that are known, and proven in other areas, but not typically used in CV and Resume writing, things like sales and marketing strategies and techniques and psychology. There are indeed many similarities with sport, in most cases applying for a job it is a competition, you need to compete and your CV and Resume needs to compete well on your behalf. The great news is that there is so much that you can do, to increase your chances of success.

The CV Resume Game Change System involves an inner journey, getting to know yourself better and most importantly documenting what you have to offer employers. You have to be able to articulate and define your true authentic self, you at your best. You also need to deeply research and analyse employers and their requirements, their wants, needs and deepest desires. You won’t know the answers to all the questions you might ask, you need to use your imagination and make calculated guesses and assumptions. After having done this you craft your new CV / Resume through this prism, and use the different variables to the best of your ability and judgement.

It is highly unlikely you can win every time, although it is possible, but you can definitely try to increase your chances of success. You’ll be much more in control of the outcome, you will be more confident, and more able to come up with strategies to overcome weaknesses that might have previously been holding you back. You should be able to turn CV or Resume failure into success if that is what you have previously experienced or success into even greater success or if you haven’t started, you learn how to short cut straight to the best approach.

A CV or Resume can have very little importance in your life, as it is possible to be promoted within some organisations without one, and to move between jobs without one, when the people hiring know you, but for an increasing number of people, a CV or Resume is becoming hugely significant, to your career and to your entire life, in fact for some people desperation can be so great that it can literally become a matter of life and death. People’s careers going wrong, is a major reason of suicide. On a positive side, your CV or Resume can be an enabler, that enables you have the career and life of your dreams and on a negative side, it can be a blocker that prevents you from achieving the career and life of your dreams.

According to research the average person starting work now, could expect to need 20+ jobs in their career, we are living in challenging times where there is often significant competition for jobs, particularly the best jobs. It is not that uncommon to have over 100 people apply for a single job, therefore being able to write the best CV to enable you to compete and win, can become very important.

Generally speaking people may invest vast sums of money, going to university to get degrees, to enable you to get great jobs and great careers, yet many people find themselves disappointed and disillusioned that the careers they want and imagined don’t seem like they are possible for them, or at the very least are very hard to achieve. When it comes to CV and Resume writing most people will want to invest as little as possible, to copy the majority of other people and do the same things. That is potentially great news for you, if you decide to take your CV and Resume writing to the highest level, to invest well in learning how to market and sell yourself, you can gain significant advantage. It is all about choosing to be extraordinary in your approach, rather than ordinary.

If everyone decided to embrace the CV Resume Game Change approach to CV and Resume writing, it would raise the bar, and potentially cancel out some of the benefit. When a sportsperson raises the bar and others catch up, they have to raise the bar again, that is just what you need to do with your CV or Resume. Yes it is more work, yes it requires more investment, and yes it takes a bit more time to do, but it should dramatically increase your chances of success and should reduce your time to success to.

Your CV represents you, why would you want it to reflect anything less than the very best of you? We all have a choice in life where to set our standards, the CV Resume Game Change approach is for people who set their standards high. If you want to be a cheap skate, invest the least, and to do the least possible, then go ahead and good luck, but I don’t think you will, the fact that you are reading this, I believe means that you want results, and you want the best results and are prepared to do what it takes.

There is another interesting thing to consider, as you delve deeper into the CV Resume Game Change System, you develop a much greater self-awareness, and understanding about the way the world works, and how you can be much more in control of your career, your life, your quality of life, your lifestyle and your happiness and fulfilment that you probably imagine.

When you make the paradigm shift, and see things from the employer’s perspective, you will most probably change what you do, and the way you behave once you are in your new role, to line yourself up for success and position and prepare yourself for the next rung on your career ladder, whatever you decide that may be. It can lead to a personal transformation, to positive changes and to a wholly better career and better life, it is potentially that powerful.