About Jonathan Blain

Jonathan Blain's Unique Perspective on CV and Resume Writing


In 2007 / 2008, when the global financial meltdown happened, Jonathan’s previously successful career hit the buffers. With no job, no income and extreme financial pressures, Jonathan found his CV / Resume wasn’t working. He received either no results, or not good enough results, but his position of despair became a life changing event; he discovered his new life purpose was to help others to:
1. Have better careers.

2.  Live better, more rewarding, happier, fulfilling and successful lives.

3. Run better organisations.

4. Make the world a better place.

Jonathan became a professional CV / Resume writer, wrote over 500+ CV’s, and spent the next seven years researching and discovering the secrets to CV / Resume writing, that could turn CV / Resume failure into success, success into even greater success and for those who haven’t yet started, how they could short cut straight to the best results.

He invented the revolutionary new CV / Resume Game Change System, which both takes CV / Resume Writing to the highest level to achieve the best results, and embraces a game changing paradigm shift: “The Employer Centric CV / Resume™”, where you embrace the concept that your CV / Resume is not simply all about you, but it is actually as much about the employer, their wants, needs, deepest desires, preferences and decision making criteria as it is about you.

Jonathan uses the analogy of sport, saying: “You can chose to play a sport at any level. If you chose to play and compete and win at the highest level, your approach is very different to those playing at a lower level. To compete and win at the highest level, no longer do you just focus on the skills involved in the sport itself, you consider everything that has an impact, which might include, fitness, nutrition, technology, psychology, strategy, competitor analysis etc. When you take CV and Resume writing to the highest level, you have to consider everything that might be able to increase your chances of success, things like knowledge of sales and marketing, psychology, attitude etc.”

The agenda becomes broader and the level deeper; ultimately it becomes all about increasing your chances of success, it is part art and part science, and involves doing research and using your imagination and judgement. Small differences matter, the outcome becomes less of a mystery the more you learn.

Jonathan draws distinction between the CV / Resume Game Change approach and the traditional approach to CV / Resume Writing. He points to the “real world”, that is often very different to the “theoretical world”, when you see things how they really are, you get to make informed choices and to embrace tools techniques and strategies that common place in the world of sales and marketing and other fields, but which don’t normally get considered in CV and Resume writing. Central to the CV / Resume Game Change approach, is a laser focus on helping you to achieve the very best results as quickly and effectively as possible.

Jonathan has helped many people achieve spectacular results, turning failure into success, success into even greater success, or helping those who haven’t yet started, to shortcut straight to the best results.

What sets Jonathan apart from other CV and Resume writing experts, is deep desire to help as many people as possible around the world to solve their job hunting and career problems, and to spread his message about the CV / Resume Game Change system, the world’s leading edge, radical, new game changing approach to CV and Resume writing, that gets fast and proven results, and his unique perspective on CV / Resume writing. Jonathan says that he believes it was as if his whole life to that point had been part of a lifetime’s apprenticeship to help him to serve you and others with leading edge CV and Resume training. It inspired him to found the Job Hunting and Career Help Club, and to write his pioneering new books “Job Hunting and Career Pain Relief – How to solve your job hunting and career problems” and “The Employer Centric CV”, and to spread his message to the four corners of the world. He doesn’t want others to suffer the pain that he did in not having his CV / Resume work.

We all see the world metaphorically, not as it really is, but as we are, in other words from our unique perspective. A CV writing expert, who has come from a recruiter or an HR manager’s background, will see things from their perspective. We generally speaking, value relevant perspectives. One of Jonathan’s main points of distinction is the almost 360 degree range of perspectives as:

  1. A job seeker, in the public, private and not for profit sectors, who has been highly successful and unsuccessful and somewhere in between.
  2. As an employer, in small medium and large sized organisation.
  3. As a recruiter and Chief Executive of a recruitment business that was a subsidiary of a FTSE 100 company.
  4. As an award winning salesman and marketer including being a speaker at the annual convention for the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management, owner of a sales training company, author of a book on sales force automation and customer relationship management and another book on business to business telemarketing and sales.
  5. As a best-selling author of 12 books / $3.8m+ sales and thought leader whose work has previously been endorsed by many top leaders including nine heads of UK top 1000 companies including: Apple, Sony, Carphone Warehouse, St James’s Place, the Director General of the Institute of Directors and the First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy.
  6. As an entrepreneur with experience making / losing circa £20m and achieving record breaking IPO.
  7. As a Chief Executive of a publicly quoted company for nearly 5 years.
  8. As an innovator, with many innovations, speaking to many top companies on innovation and creativity.
  9. As a qualified practitioner of the psychometric assessment tool Insights, and knowledgeable in many more assessment tools.
  10. As a HR manager of a small business responsible for recruitment.
  11. As a professional CV / Resume writer.
  12. As a career coach.
  13. As a regular commentator on career related issues with the BBC.
  14. As someone who have travelled extensively and worked / been on business to many countries around the world.
  15. As someone who is a lifelong student, interested in self-development and growth, and the acquisition of true wisdom and enlightenment.
  16. As a Pioneer who is fascinated by leadership, who regularly pushes back boundaries and who has created arguably the world’s most comprehensive video based leadership education on leadership excellence, interviewing top leaders from business, academia, the military and other top leaders / thought leaders.