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Best Selling Author, Thought Leader, Problem Solver and Change Maker Jonathan Blain, Teaches, Helps, Supports and Inspires YOU to Use The CV / Resume Game Change System, a Disruptive Innovation; a ground breaking, new Game Changing Approach to CV and Resume Writing, that gets Fast and Proven Results. The best results achieved as quickly and effectively as possible.

Learn To Become Extraordinary Not Ordinary - A Leader Not A Follower

Jonathan BlainIn 2007 / 2008, Jonathan Blain, the creator of the CV / Resume Game Change System experienced career problems; he found himself out of work with no income, in a desperate situation, and it became a life changing experience. He is now a man on a mission to help others who find themselves in a similar situation, and also to help people not facing problems to achieve success at the highest end of their expectations and beyond, in the quickest, most effective and efficient way. From a dark and difficult place, he found his life purpose, or to describe it better, it was as if his life purpose found him, to help other people:

To have better careers

To live better lives

To run better businesses and organisations

To make the world a better place


He became a professional CV / Resume writer, deciding he wanted to become the best in the World, he wrote 500+ CVs and Resumes, and spent seven years researching secrets of CV and Resume writing, learning about what made some successful and others unsuccesful, and in particular what you need to do to, to achieve extraordinary success.

Using his techniques, he helped many people to reach spectacular success, and to achieve more than they thought possible, and you can too.

Jonathan felt that everything that he had ever done, experienced and achieved in his life to that point, was like a giant apprenticeship to help him to serve you and others better with distinction and excellence. Jonathan combines seven years of research with innovation and thought leadership and an extraordinary personal background, that gives him a totally unique perspective on CV and Resume writing that you will not find anywhere else.

Receive Extraordinary Results

All the solutions offered here are designed to help you to achieve the following:

Turn CV or Resume failure into success if that is what you have experienced.

Turn CV or Resume success into even greater success.

If you haven’t yet started, shortcut straight to the best approach to deliver the best results.

Receive More Job Interview Invitations, More and Better Job Offers, A Better Career and A Better Life 


"Without doubt, the most honest, advanced, results focussed, and real world based approach to CV and Resume Writing available in the world"


Firstly Free training available online to everyone around the world 24/7

Jonathan Blain's primary focus is to help YOU, and as many other people around the world as possible, to write awesome CVs and Resumes that will deliver you the best results, and help you to achieve the career and life of your dreams. 

Tell your friends and colleagues and people you know, so that they too can benefit from it.  Access Your Free Video Training Now


A purpose

Jonathan Blain is driven by a higher purpose to help as many people around the world as possible to solve their job hunting and career problems, to help them to achieve more and to have the career and life of their dreams, with success, fulfilment and happiness. Jonathan believes we are all connected to each other, making service of others a part of your life purpose, makes you feel happier and more fulfilled, and is better for humanity as a whole.

A philosophy

There are nearly always better ways of doing things if: you look hard enough, if you push back the boundaries of possibility and if use your imagination and creativity. Positive progress is good, and as Einstein says, "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand." 

A gift

On this website, and in other places you will discover free training that is offered to you as a gift, which I hope will serve you well and make a profound difference to your career and your life.


If you like my message, and you would like to learn more, to go to a deeper level, I have developed a range of products and services to help you to achieve the greatest benefits possible as follows. All the products are available 24/7 and get fast and proven results.



Book – "The Employer Centric CV and Resume"

Due for release in Q2 2017


6 CD / Audio Programme

Available (subject to stock) on either:

  • 6 disc Audio CD Set or
  • 6 X MP3 audio files on a memory stick or
  • 6 X MP3 via download from our website

With approximately 6 hours of audio training, you can learn on the move, in your car on the way to work, when you are out and about.
You will learn how to you can adopt a new completely different better, game changing approach to CV and Resume writing to achieve fast and proven results.
It will enable you to receive a step-by-step formula for approaching CV and Resume writing, that will give you more control of the outcome, advantage over other applicants, and understanding that will enable you to package and present yourself in an employer centric, game changing way that will maximise your chances of success.

It will increase your chance of achieving:

More Job Interviews for Jobs You Really Want.

More Job Offers.

Better Job Offers.

A better career.

A Better Life.

More Happiness and Fulfilment.

A breakthrough, removing barriers that might be holding you back.

You will learn secrets that will last a lifetime that you can use over and over again.
Included in the package:

Disc 1:   CV / Resume overview and introduction to the CV / Resume Game Change System.
Disc 2:   How to work out who you really are and what you really want, and what value you offer employers.
Disc 3:   How to understand what employers are really looking for, and how you can increase your chance of success.
Disc 4:   How to compete against other applicants and win.
Disc 5:   How to write a winning CV / Resume.
Disc 6:   Why some people’s CV / Resume fails and why others succeed.

Membership Portal

Membership Portal

The CV / Resume Game Change Membership Portal is the ultimate resource for training and support on the CV / Resume Game Change System.
It is available for instant access 24/7 X 365.

On joining you will receive one year’s membership of the membership portal, which contains:

  • The Audio Files from the 6 CD CV Resume Game Change Audio Programme
  • Approx. 10 hours of video based training
  • Audio downloads of the audio from the Video Training
  • Training Course Materials
  • Ask Jonathan Question Forum
  • CV / Resume Template
  • Research Materials
  • CV / Resume Questionnaire
  • Links to useful resources
  • Access to our unique career and life planner system