Jonathan Blain's and the Job Hunting and Career Help Club's primary objective with the CV / Resume Game Change System is to help Job Seekers as follows:

1. To turn CV or Resume Failure into success if that is what you have experienced, or

2. To turn CV or Resume Success into even greater success, or

3. If you haven't yet started, to help you to short cut to the very best results, as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Jonathan wishes to help as many people as possible to  solve their job hunting and career problems and to achieve better, happier, more rewarding and fulfilling careers  and lives. To help him to spread his message to as many people around the world as possible, he is establishing partnerships with the following groups, on the basis of mutual benefit:

  1. Job Seekers
  2. Recruitment Companies
  3. Job Boards
  4. Careers Advisors
  5. Career Coaches
  6. Job Clubs
  7. Professional CV Writers
  8. Job Centres
  9. Resettlement Organisations
  10. Schools, Colleges and Universities
  11. Charities
  12. Unions
  13. Media
  14. Government Bodies and Political Groups
  15. Meeting Planners
  16. Speakers Bureau
  17. Recruitment Industry Trade Associations